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Air Flow-Down Blast

  • General

- Roof blowers in Tail blowers can be manufactured with a variety of wings to ensure the best possible performance based on consumer needs.

  • Family

1. Model TRFM Series for Intercritical Wings

- The wing type is a sided flow type, and the wings can be adjusted in a displacement form using aluminum wood to produce a direct drive of the motor.
- Fan Data : Taeil-RoofFan-TRFM-Mxiedflow-Ser.pdf

2. TRFA Series

- The wing type is an axial type, which is a differentiating type of aluminum alloy, which allows for the adjustment of the flow rate, thereby producing a direct drive of the motor.

3. Model TRFC series with centrifugal wings

- The wing type is Centrifugal, which is a fixed pitch of welded structure using carbon-tolsteel-shaped wood, so it is applied with air foil or rear-facing wing. - To be applied to various specifications, belt driven type should be mainly manufactured.

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